Večernji list (Evening Paper) - 3rd July 2014 - Genos is part of no less than six project financed by the EU (Journalist: Lidija Kiseljak)

Among the identified is also father of Blago Lauc, relative of Mr Gordan Lauc, the owner and CEO of Genos Ltd., the first private laboratory for DNA analysis in Croatia. The company is one of rare positive examples in Croatia, its growth is continuous and the name is recognizable across the borders of the country, which is obvious by the fact that they are involved in six large international research projects. The company has also received a number of international recognitions, and the last one was presented by the President Ivo Josipović.

Mr Gordan Lauc talks about reasons for starting his own company - he wanted to produce a working place for young people where they can develop professionally without inertness of large institutions. In the beginning, Mr Lauc financed the company with his own investment, partly with stocks, and then later on, international projects became the largest source of finances. He also explains what personalized medicine is and why it is becoming more and more important on global level.

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