10th November 2014
Our DNA Test GENContracept won the Gold Medal for Innovativeness at the recently held Exhibition of Innovators, Prototypes and Student Business Plan Writing Contest "Be the Role Model/INOVA 2014."

GENContracept determines whether a woman who uses, or plans to use hormonal contraception has increased genetic risk of developing blood clots. Therefore, the test result can guide the woman to choose a most appropriate method of contraception. Numerous cases of sudden death have been known, even among very young women, caused by a blood clot and related to non-selective use of hormonal contraception, which was reported by the Croatian media as well.

At the end of 2013, European Medicines Agency published a recommendation related to hormonal contraceptives regulation. The mentioned recommendation strongly suggests that it is important to inform users of hormonal contraceptives about the risk of venous thromboembolism (developing blood clots in veins), which has been in connection to the usage of contraception pills. This recommendation furthermore stresses the importance of carrying out evaluation of the level of personal risk, and both gynaecologists and women should be aware of this risk when they decide on using a certain method of contraception.

Motivated by the recommendation of European Medicines Agency and being aware of the danger that non-selective usage of contraception pills may cause, Genos developed the innovative GENContracept test for determining genetic risk for developing blood clots and launched it on the marked in April 2014. The test analyses two most common inherited predisposing factors for developing blood clots: factor V (Leiden) and factor II (prothrombin). The test is recommended as prevention because genetic predisposition in combination with hormonal contraception may increase the risk for several times. The test is also specific in the sense that it needs to be done only once in a lifetime because the information about genetic status does not change.