Genos Ltd and Pablo Pharmacies in Collaboration - DNA Tests in Pablo Pharmacies

Find out how your genes determine you.

Do you have genetic risk for developing blood clots that cause thrombosis, stroke, or heart attack?

Do you suspect you suffer from non-efficient lactose digestion?

Are you in danger of genetically conditioned obesity?

Do you want to have nutrition and exercise plan, adjusted to your personal genotype?

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We offer the following tests:

Coagulation Factors DNA Test - testing genetic factors responsible for coagulation, related to serious consequences, like heart attack and stroke, blood clots in veins (embolism, thrombosis), or miscarriage. About 5% of population in Croatia have inherited increased tendency to form blood clots therefore, identifying genetic factors is extremely important for prevention or treatment.

GENContracept - testing the key genetic variants which warn women about increased risk of developing blood clots due to the usage of contraception pills. If a woman has identified increased risk of developing blood clots, she should avoid using oral contraceptives because they represent a risk for her health as well as her life.

Lactose Intolerance DNA Test - testing genetic factors responsible for lactose digestion. Unpleasant digestive disorders are often consequence of lactose intolerance, and if they appear among children, they should certainly not be ignored. If lactose intolerance is identified, it is then important to change nutrition and the symptoms will not occur anymore.

GENPerform - analysis of 13 genetic factors responsible for metabolism of nutrients and predisposition for exercise. Results of the analysis are accompanied by an extensive expert evaluation, written by a nutritionist, with personally adapted plan of nutrition as well as by expert opinion by a physiologist, recommending optimal exercise for this particular genotype.

GENFat - test that discovers whether you have genetic predisposition for obesity due to a change in gene responsible for increased appetite. If the change in gene is identified, it is then recommended to take GENPerform Test as well, in order to obtain complete information about optimal nutrition and exercise.


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