Glycans as a measure for general state of health and ageing

Ageing is a biological process accompanied by numerous changes at the molecular level whose mechanism is still unknown to a large extent. Biological age does not necessarily coincide with chronological age of an individual, and this difference is caused by slow or accelerated ageing. Due to this fact, biological age is a better indicator of the general state of health and ageing process than chronological age.

Glycans are complex carbohydrates linked to proteins and are involved in many physiological and pathophysiological processes and therefore have pronounced diagnostic potential. Determining GlycanAge Index by glycan analysis (Pucic et al, PLoS Genetics 2013) in our laboratory, it is possible to estimate biological age, compare it with chronological age, and obtain information on the general health of a person. A large scale glycan study of over 5000 people showed that this test is up to four times better in describing variations in age than the analysis of telomere. We have filed a patent application for GlycanAge Index in Croatia (P20130568A) and we plan to file an international patent application (PTC).

Determination of biological age using GlycanAge Index is a new parameter that will help an individual to get basic information about their general health and age of their organism by a simple and quick test. With this information and additional analyses, already a part of offer in Genos Ltd (GenPerform, for instance), people can take necessary lifestyle changes (exercise, nutrition, exposure to stress, etc.) to improve their general health.