Prof. Gordan Lauc, PhD - Research Team Leader

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Prof. Gordan Lauc, founder and CEO of Genos, is one of leading European researchers in the field of glycobiology. Due to the lack of adequate analytical methods, a significant part of prof. Lauc’s work was directed towards the development of methods for glycan analysis and their subsequent application for studying human diseases.

Major breakthrough in glycobiology occurred in 2008 with the development of the first quantitative high throughput method for glycan analysis and Prof. Lauc was the first to realize that this method could enable glycomics to join high throughput genomics in genome wide association studies. Since he participated in the development of the method, his lab was the second in the world to introduce this method, and they were the first who applied it on a large number of human samples in a comprehensive study of variability in the human plasma glycome. He also initiated collaboration between high throughput genetic and glycomics groups, which enabled first insights into complex genetics of protein glycosylation in humans. He published over 70 papers in international journals and was awarded a number of domestic and international (FP6, FP7, NIH) research grants.