Sample Collection Kits for DNA Testing

If, due to any reason, it is not convenient for you to visit our laboratory, you can also take the sample in the privacy of your home with Sample Collection Kit for DNA Testing, which you can order from Genos.


Testing is performed by analysis of DNA extracted from buccal swab..

You can find the Sample Collection Kits for following DNA Tests:

Coagulation Factors DNA Test




Lactose Intolerance DNA Test

Paternity Test

The testing is...Quick, Simple, Reliable

Testing is performed by analysis of DNA extracted from buccal swab. 
The procedure is completely painless and it takes 10-15 seconds.

After collecting the sample with the collector (part of every DNA Test Set), you should fill the order form. Then, you should put the collector, filled order form and payment confirmation into the enclosed pre-addressed protective envelope, seal it, and send it by post or deliver it personally to our laboratory.

You will receive test results at your home address or by e-mail (depending on your choice of delivery in the order form) within ten working days from the date of receipt of the sample and payment confirmation for the following tests: Coagulation Factors DNA Test, GENContracept, Lactose Intolerance DNA Test, and GENFat, while it will be 15 working days from the date of receipt of the sample and payment confirmation for GENPerform Test.

We kindly ask you to carefully and fully follow the instructions on collecting the sample, labelling the collector tube, and filling the order form.

A test needs to be done only once in a person's life because the information about a genetic predisposition does not change in time.

The price of the Sample Collection Kit for Paternity test is 15 EUR.

The price of the Sample Collection Kitfor for all other DNA Testing is 10 EUR.