• Do you have any doubts concerning the origin of your dog?
  • Would you like to own evidence about origin and Pedigree certificate?
  • Are you a dog breeder and have doubts concerning paternity of your litter of puppies?
  • Would you like to possess identity proof for your pet in case they are lost or stolen?

Determining origin of a dog by DNA analysis

Genos Ltd. has introduced a system of origin certification for dogs by means of DNA analysis. This modern analysis is the most reliable method that ensures unmistakable evidence of identity. It is globally accepted method of confirming origin of a dog. Ten genetic markers that determine each and every individual dog in a unique manner are analysed using modern methods of forensic DNA analysis. With this analysis (carried out only once in a dog's lifetime), owners or breeders can permanently and undoubtedly prove origin and identity of their dogs. Furthermore, we are able to issue certificate with these unique genetic markers.

Results of this DNA analysis for dogs, issued by Genos Ltd. DNA laboratory, are recognized by the Croatian Kennel Club (formal recognition in Croatian is available here). Analysis of animal DNA is also used in forensic veterinary medicine which aims at assisting in solving all disputable cases related to animals and animal products. Therefore, Genos Ltd. has established a collaboration with the Department for Forensic and Judicial Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb.

Quick and simple method

Either you or your veterinary surgeon can take a sample from your dog. All you need to do is take buccal sample (buccal smear) of your dog using "Set for determining origin of a dog by DNA analysis," specially created for that purpose. The procedure is quick and entirely painless for your pet, and the instructions are simple and user-friendly.

After taking the sample, just ask for DNA analysis for determining origin of dogs in Genos Ltd. laboratory and you will obtain entirely reliable data on the origin of your dog.



   Genotyping dog from standard samples (blood or buccal swab)

350.00 kn

   Genotyping dog from non-standard samples (hair, textile or an object with biological traces, etc.)

500.00 kn

All the listed prices of DNA analysis refer to one sample and include WAT.

With every order form, it is necessary to enclose signed Confidentiality Statement. You can download Confidentiality Statement in Croatian here.

Price list is available here.