Meat Traceability DNA Analysis

Application of DNA analysis in development of traceability system in cattle production and meat processing production

Development of methods in molecular biology enabled introducing individual DNA methods in the process of indisputable identity and kinship determination among individual cattle on the basis of the analysis of their DNA. System of DNA analysis of meat and meat products is able to determine, unambiguously and with utter certainty, the origin of certain meat and a meat product. In other words, it can answer the question whether two biological samples (blood, meat, bone) originate from the same individual, from this individual's parents or descendants, or again from individuals that are not kin.

The term traceability:

Traceability of meat - marking animals immediately after birth, and their monitoring throughout all the phases of breeding, slaughter, and production of meat products.
Traceability of food - it implies the system of monitoring and controlling origin of a food product, from the beginning of production all the way to processing, storing, and sale to end users.

What does it bring to users?

  • To potential users, it brings market value increase for their products/services and makes them more competitive
  • It creates new value for all participants in the market: producers, food processing manufacturers, food sellers, caterers, and buyers
  • Protects consumers by issuing guarantee for the origin of meat
  • Enables risk management


The Republic of Croatia, as a member of the European Union, implemented the Community acquis, chapter Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy. It is defined by Food Law (NN 46/07), which is the foundation for ensuring high level of protection of human health and consumers' interests, as well as health safety of food.

In many developed European countries, traceability is at present time unavoidable criterion in determining meat quality. Many countries have developed a system of traceability in order to protect domestic production and provide their consumers with quality offer.

Models of collaboration:

  • Tracing of each and every individual within the system:
    • Sample analysis of individuals that enter the system. When an individual is entering the system, genotype is determined and it is linked to a unique marking of the individual (tag…)
    • After initial genotyping, each individual (samples of this individual) can be traced throughout the entire process, to the very final product which is offered to end users. In this manner, it is possible to trace every product that contains meat of only one individual 
  • Tracing of one "batch," in other words, farm:
    • System that enables tracing/proving the origin of meat from Croatian farms 



Genotyping cattle from standard samples (blood or buccal swab)

350.00 kn

Genotyping cattle from non-standard samples (hair, textile or an object with biological traces, etc.)

500.00 kn

All the listed prices of DNA analysis refer to one sample and include WAT.

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