GENContracept test

European Medicines Agency recently implemented a new recommendation related to hormonal contraceptives regulations, available on HALMED (Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia) web pages. The mentioned recommendation strongly suggests that it is important to inform users of hormonal contraceptives about the risk of venous thromboembolism (developing blood clots in veins), which has been in connection to the usage of hormonal contraceptives.

Since the usage of hormonal contraceptives is accompanied by the risk of developing blood clots, the recommendation stresses that it is very important to precisely measure level of the risk for every woman individually, taking into consideration all the individual factors of risk.

Genetic predisposition increases the risk when contraceptives are used

It is known that some women have genetic predisposition for developing blood clots. Presence of the genetic predisposition, combined with usage of hormonal contraceptives may increase the risk of developing blood clots several times.

Most common inherited predisposing factors for developing blood clots are genetic changes (mutations) in clotting factors: factor V (Leiden) and factor II (prothrombin).

Plenty of evidence shows that taking hormonal contraceptives is accompanied by increased risk of developing venous thromboembolism among women who already have genetic predisposition, determined by genes for factor II and factor V. A number of research have been carried out in this field, and one of them has shown that consuming oral contraceptives represents 5 times more risk for developing blood clots; furthermore, this risk is even 32 times bigger for women who both take oral contraceptives and have the mutation in the gene for factor V.

GenContracept test can be performed in Genos: you can visit our laboratory or you can do it in the privacy of your home by using DNA Test Set. The test is carried out by means of DNA analysis using oral swab sample. The procedure of collecting the DNA sample is completely painless and should take only 10-15 second to complete.

GENContracept determines whether using hormonal contraceptives represents increased risk for you. The test needs to be done only once in a person's life because the information about the risk does not change in time.

You should not take any chances where your health is concerned!

A word of advice:

Find out which contraceptive is best for you

Before you start using contraceptive pills, make gynaecological exam and all the necessary tests. Do not start using contraceptives on your own or after a friend's advice. Taking contraceptives is your own responsibility, therefore it is important to have all the information and behave accordingly. Before starting to use oral contraceptives, you should check whether your carry genetic risk for coagulation disorder.

Price of the test: 500,00 HRK

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