Non-Invasive Prenatal Sex Determination

For all the impatient future parents who cannot wait to find out sex of their unborn child, DNA analysis from the maternal blood offers reliable information about sex already after the 12th week of pregnancy.
However, due to the ethical issues, the test is performed from 14th week of gestation.

Apart from satisfying curiosity, this information is also valuable for all those who have history of certain disorders in family that are known to affect either male or female child. In families with X chromosome linked hereditary diseases, this method may be used to avoid unnecessary exposure of the unborn child to the invasive diagnostic procedures (such as amniocentesis). X-linked diseases often affect male children, while female children are usually carriers of the certain mutation and are not affected by the disease. In case of the male fetuses, method may be used for non-invasive prenatal paternity testing as well. (ovo podcrtano se može linkati na )

The analysis is completely safe and non-invasive, merely blood sample is needed. The method is based on detection of Y-chromosome presence in maternal blood. Cell free fetal DNA is tested on 23 Y-STR loci.

Sample for fetal DNA analysis: 9 ml of maternal blood drown in Vacutainer with EDTA, for plasma - white cap, if the blood can be delivered to the Genos DNA laboratory within few hours. In all other cases 10 ml of maternal blood needs to be drown in Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT® tubes (we advise to take 2 tubes).

For blood draw at Genos DNA Laboratory, please call  +385 1 2352 660 for the appointment. Relevant medical documentation about the pregnancy is mandatory.

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