Genos Company

Established as an academic startup in 2007, Genos is the first private DNA laboratory in the region and one of the leading scientific institutions in Croatia in the field of DNA analysis, as well as the leading institution in the world in the field of the analysis of glycans.

Scientific research in the field of glycobiology have brought to significant international collaborations with a number of globally renowned institutions, with Genos participating as an equal partner in large consortia. The company’s DNA laboratory has been involved in development of high quality products in the fields of human and animal genetics.

Remarkable scientific and business results also meant growth of the company in terms of people and activities, therefore DNA Laboratory is focused exclusively on development of products and services for private clients and institutions while Laboratory for the Glycobiology is pimarily focused on scientific research.

Following newest trends in genetics, task of this new company based on knowledge is, apart from even better positioning of the existing tests on the market, to develop new tests that will help in reducing risks of illnesses and improving quality of life, and all these in terms of personalized medicine.


Company: Genos d.o.o. za vještačenje i analizu   
Address (laboratory, delivery of goods and invoices): Borongajska cesta 83H, I kat, 10000 Zagreb (BioCentar, u sklopu Sveučilišnog kampusa Borongaj)
Headquaters: Drniška 9, 31 000 Osijek
VAT: 17560201884
IBAN: HR0523600001101951902