Analytical DNA Laboratory

The development of DNA technology has led to a revolution in genetics allowing for studies that have revealed the role of several thousand genes in a number of different diseases. DNA analysis has become an indispensable part of the diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases. Besides determining the molecular basis of a disease, molecular diagnostics may provide an answer to the predisposition for disease and treatment success.

In addition to physical appearance, individuals differ in molecular level as well. One example is the role of polymorphisms that affect coagulation and hormonal therapy, both in the form of oral contraceptives and in hormone therapy at menopause. Due to genetic predisposition, i.e. mutations in the genetic code, some individuals have a higher risk for blood clots than others and certain factors (e.g., pregnancy, taking hormones, airplane travel) may increase the risk. When a person is known to have these high-risk genes, it may be possible to prevent negative health outcomes Recent studies reveal that our genetic structure also determines which diet and workout suits us the best.

In addition to the above examples, there are many other disorders in which an awareness of the genotypes may help in adequate treatment and in prevention of potential poor outcomes. Thus, the main goal of a modern analytical DNA laboratory within Genos Ltd. is using the latest methods and validated protocols to provide customers a complete service from DNA extraction to the interpretation of the results.

DATA CONFIDENTIALITY: The results of each test are strictly confidential and are only issued to the client or to the person the client appointed in the signed order form. Biological samples submitted for DNA analysis are destroyed during the analysis process, and all computer records are deleted 6 months after the release of results. A copy of the issued results can be requested within six months of the issuance, upon written request of a client only.