Forensic DNA Laboratory

DNA analysis has been routinely used in crime investigation, paternity testing and in identification of skeletal remains. A significant contribution to the development of new applications of DNA analysis has been made by improving DNA extraction methods. Today, it is possible to perform DNA extraction from almost any biological sample. Forensic DNA tests provide institutions and individuals with essential and reliable evidence.

Besides the analysis of human DNA, Genos Ltd. provides an analysis of animal DNA as well. We are committed to providing quality and inexpensive analysis for breeders and owners. Currently our service covers genotyping of cattle and dogs and determining the sex of birds.

Genos Ltd. has state of the art equipment necessary to perform delicate and complex DNA analysis. The tests are performed by highly qualified professionals, who were trained for their jobs in Croatia and abroad. In the case of establishing paternity, please read the section “Data Confidentiality” in order to clarify the procedure.

DATA CONFIDENTIALITY: The results of each test are strictly confidential and are only issued to the client or to the person the client appointed in the signed order form. Biological samples submitted for DNA analysis are destroyed during the analysis process, and all computer records are deleted 6 months after the release of results. A copy of the issued results can be requested within six months of the issuance, upon written request of a client only.