GENBird DNA Test

  • Determining a bird’s sex by DNA analysis
  • Without trauma for the bird because the analysis is carried out on feathers
  • Find out what sex is your pet at home
  • Important for breeders during breeding period
  • Important for ornithologists for sustaining bird populations and species

It is difficult, or even impossible to determine sex of a number of bird species, especially if we talk about eggs or baby birds, on the basis of heir physical (morphological) features and appearance. This causes a serious problem for breeders and researchers. By using DNA analysis, it is possible to analyse parts of sex chromosomes of birds. In this manner, we can differentiate between a bird of male sex (ZZ) and bird of female sex (ZW).

Advantages of DNA method

  • A bird’s sex can be determined by DNA analysis on freshly plucked out feathers. This means that there is no trauma for the bird (the bird no longer needs to be exposed to an invasive method of sex determination).
  • Accuracy in determining sex by means of DNA analysis is very high (>99%).
  • Value of a bird increases with the obtained data about sex.
  • Analysts who have many years of experience in the field of DNA analysis carry out the test of sex determination.
  • Successfulness of sex determination by means of DNA analysis does not depend on the age of a bird.


If you want to determine sex of a bird in Genos laboratory, you should collect several freshly plucked out feathers from the bird’s chest. For the analysis to be safe and accurate, it is important to collect freshly plucked out feathers and avoid old feathers that fall out naturally because the quality of old feathers as a biological sample is questionable and may have influence on the quality of sex determination analysis.

  • Four to seven freshly plucked out feathers from a bird’s chest (do not touch tip of the quill)
  • Put feathers of one bird into an individual envelope and send it by post together with order to our address


  • Average time to determine sex is 5 to 10 working days
  • Results can be sent by post, by fax, or by e-mail

Price list is available here. The price of DNA analysis refers to one sample and includes WAT.