GENFat Test

Obesity or overweight is more and more called “the disease of the twenty first century.” Although it was a consequence of metabolic disorders or more serious health problems in the past, it is mostly present due to consumption of high calorie food, which is too tempting. Nevertheless, the discovery that FTO gene is related to obesity means that at present time, we know that genome may condition a person’s inclination to eat high-fat “unhealthy” food. FTO gene creates a protein which influences ghrelin – a hormone that stimulates hunger.

Who is GENFat intended for?

  • for overweight persons or persons who are facing the problem of obesity in the family or their surroundings
  • for persons who have judged themselves and struggled with overweight for years using all kinds of diets with no real result
  • for persons who, after determining they have genetic predisposition for obesity, want to free themselves from feeling of guilt and discouragement, so that they can make a fresh start
  • for persons who are interested in the so-called DNA diet

How to get tested?

Up-to-date method of analysis. One of more recent methods of the analysis of gene polymorphisms is pyrosequencing which is, in comparison with other methods, exceptionally specific and sensitive therefore it provides most reliable results.

How the testing is done?

Quickly, simply, reliably.

The test is carried out by means of DNA analysis using oral swab sample. The procedure of collecting the DNA sample is completely painless and should take only 10-15 second to complete.

Why get tested?

Obesity is a growing global health issue at present time

Get information – Raise your awareness – Act

Obesity is not merely an aesthetic issue, but also health issue. More than 2.8 million people dies of the consequences of obesity every year, and more than 40 million children under the age of five are overweight (World Health Organization data). Overweight is the main risk factor for developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain kinds of malign diseases. Therefore it is necessary to regulate body weight, which is frequently done in an incorrect manner and consequently, it fails. By determining gene variants, it becomes clear what the cause is and how to neutralize it.

Genos Ltd. is the only laboratory in the region that uses pyrosequencing technology which represents the base for determining genetic background of overweight inclination. In other words, it is determined without any doubt whether such an inclination is present or not. In this way, it is possible to discover the cause of overweight, but also it provides chance to change a person’s nutrition habits effectively and with a plan. Nutrition rich in proteins can help in regulation of ghrelin level and therefore, of hunger. The level of ghrelin can be reduced with exercise, especially jogging and bicycling. Apart from that, medicines are being developed which will enable regulation of the level of ghrelin in blood.

Understanding genetic risk

The role of FTO gene is very important in regulation of hunger. Scientists have discovered that the gene that is related to obesity brings people to being overweight because it increases their appetite. Changed FTO gene is linked to heigh levels of hormone ghrelin which then increases hunger (especially in the case of high calorie food) as well as it makes more difficult to recognize the feeling of being satiated.

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