GENHorse DNA test

Equine DNA test for identification and parentage verification

Genos Ltd. offers a system of origin certification for horses based on DNA analysis (17-DNA marker panel, International Society for Animal Genetics – ISAG recommended). This type of analysis is the most reliable method that ensures unmistakable evidence of identity or parentage.

Order GENHorse DNA test in case

  • you have any doubts concerning the origin of your horse and you need proof of parentage for your new equine addition
  • you would like to own evidence about origin and offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigree
  • you are a horse breeder and have doubts concerning identity/paternity of your horse
  • you would like to have a permanent horse identity proof in case of potential horse theft

Animal DNA analysis also finds its application in forensic veterinary medicine, which aims to help resolve all disputes related to animals and animal products. Genos therefore established cooperation with the Department of Judicial and Administrative Veterinary Medicine (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb).

Quick and simple method

Either you or your veterinarian can take a sample from your horse. All you need to do is take buccal (cheek) swab of your horse. The procedure is quick and entirely painless for the animal, and the instructions are simple and user-friendly.

Send the sample to the Genos Ltd laboratory and order DNA analysis to receive entirely reliable data on the DNA profile or DNA parentage of your horse.

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