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GENPerform – Personalised DNA analysis and expert evaluation by nutritionists and physiologists for obtaining optimal regulation of nutrition and exercise

Modern nutrigenomics changes our approach to health and provides an answer to the question of ways in which our genotype influences the interaction between nutrition, physical activity and finally, health. Research have identified a number of genes related to body mass, body mass index (BMI), body fat level, as well as locomotor skills and functional capabilities. They all have a potential role in the development of obesity, as well as they influence sports activities performance. Some among these genes are involved in regulation of energy expenditure, hunger signals, fat and carbohydrates metabolism, fat cells development, production of internal heat and differentiation of cells. The gene variants can influence a person’s reaction to nutrition and physical activity programmes.

Understanding genetic predisposition is crucial for the development of efficient individual programmes of nutrition and exercises.

GENPerform DNA analysis represents a valuable tool for managing health and having better approach to life, nutrition, and recreation. With this, each individual can significantly improve condition of their body / health. Obtained results provide recommendations, including change in nutrition as well as directions in terms of type and extent of exercises based on a unique DNA analysis.

GENPerform analyses:

  • 6 most frequent gene variants related to high body mass index (BMI), obesity, and excessive fat tissue level (the so-called “apple shaped” type of obesity, presenting high risk for development of cardiovascular diseases)
  • 2 most frequent gene variants related to lactose intolerance, often the cause of digestive disorders
  • Secretor status, related to carbohydrates metabolism – especially important for nutritional blood type diet.
  • Gene variants related to folate metabolism (vitamin B9), important for health of nervous, cardiovascular, and immune system
  • Gene variants related to aerobic endurance, which is extremely important for long distance runners and swimmers, bicyclist, rowers, triathletes etc. and is important for sportsmen and recreational sportsmen practising disciplines that require this type of endurance because they increase effects of aerobic training energy intake
  • Gene variants related to strength and power of muscles, in other words to the portion of fast twitch fibres (of muscle tissue), important for generating more force during high velocity of contraction
  • Gene variants related to more extensive reduction of fat tissue level during increased aerobic physical activity (endurance training)


  • When you want to optimize your nutrition and exercise programme
  • When you want to act against obesity in due time
  • If you want to test predisposition for an individual sport and type of recreation
  • If you simply want to know yourself better and live in accordance to this knowledge

How the test is performed?

Testiranje se provodi analizom DNA iz uzorka brisa sluznice usne šupljine.
Postupak izuzimanja uzorka potpuno je bezbolan i traje svega 10-15 sekundi.
Test treba napraviti samo jednom u životu jer je informacija o genima nepromjenjiva.

The test is carried out by means of DNA analysis using oral swab sample. The procedure of collecting the DNA sample is completely painless and should take only 10-15 second to complete.

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