Our employees were among best students and at present time, they are top experts in their chosen fields. They are highly motivated professionals who are continuously developing their potential through scientific work and mentorship. To work in Genos means to be involved in development of products and services that really can make a positive difference in the quality of life of an individual.

Acquiring experience and competence is certainly not limited to our laboratory alone. Our employees are given opportunity to advance professionally abroad, in the laboratories of our partner institutions and companies. Apart from that, we are present at all relevant congresses and other gatherings of professionals as lecturers or participants. In this way, we follow the newest achievements in science, which enables development of top quality products and services.

Pleasant working environment and opportunities for professional advancement make Genos an exceptionally attractive place to work. It was recognized in 2013 by the respectable journal The Scientist, when Genos won in their survey “The Best Place to Work” as a place where researchers love to work and where they feel valued. Therefore, it is no wonder that more that one language can be heard in Genos at all times because we have numerous foreign scientists as guests in our company. They are participants in our projects, bringing new experiences and competences to our company’s team.